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Guiding New Jersey Residents Through Divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult decisions that an individual can make. Once you decide to end a marriage, you must face and resolve myriad legal issues. The process can become overwhelming. Having knowledgeable, compassionate legal representation is the best way to bring a case to closure in an expeditious manner.

At the North Brunswick firm of Ramatowski & Schwartz, we are dedicated to helping clients address all the complex and emotionally charged issues that divorce presents. Our goal is to bring resolution so that both parties can move on and, if applicable, function as co-parents to their children. Along the way, we provide steadfast representation, whether in court and at the arbitration table, as well as compassionate and objective counsel.

Compassionate Representation In A Difficult Time

Divorce can be a time of high emotional vulnerability, particularly when economic concerns are at the forefront. Parties are forced to find solutions to complex issues, such as:

  • Economic struggles
  • Alimony
  • Allocation of debt
  • Child custody and parenting time
  • Child support
  • College expenses
  • Job prospects for one or more spouse
  • Safeguarding and distributing retirement assets, investments and deferred compensation
  • Domestic abuse allegations
  • Health care coverage for the parties and their children

At Ramatowski & Schwartz, we know and understand these concerns. We counsel men and women in all aspects of divorce matters, often supported by the assistance and guidance of financial professionals with whom we work hand in hand. Our attorneys are also fully able to assist individuals who are experiencing legal issues in their domestic partnerships, civil unions and same-sex marriages.

A Variety Of Legal Approaches

Our attorneys are skilled litigators trained in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). If your goal is to avoid going to court, they can assist you with mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce.

While not all cases have to proceed to trial, having an experienced, trial-tested lawyer in your corner can bring focus and resolve to what might otherwise evolve into a painful, emotionally wrought ordeal. Clients can rest assured, however, that our attorneys are prepared to bring a case to trial if ADR processes fail to resolve things satisfactorily.

Seek Guidance For Your Divorce

The compassionate team at Ramatowski & Schwartz is here to help you through this emotionally trying time. To schedule an initial consultation at our New Jersey firm to discuss your situation with a lawyer, call 732-837-2104 or send an email.