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Effective, Low-Stress Guidance In Custody And Visitation

At Ramatowski & Schwartz, we understand the stress and worry that come with a custody dispute. If you and your co-parent need to work together on a custody agreement and visitation schedule, we can help you do so with dignity, respect and calm. We handle the full spectrum of New Jersey custody issues, from negotiating schedules to enforcing court orders. Along the way, we provide compassionate and reassuring counsel to help minimize your stress. Together, we will work toward a custody and visitation solution that prioritizes your children’s best interests and addresses your personal needs.

Strategic Use Of Alternative Dispute Resolution And Litigation

We firmly believe that many family legal issues do not need to proceed to trial for you to obtain a satisfactory outcome. To this end, we use negotiation, mediation and arbitration skillfully to help you meet your goals. However, we are also experienced litigators who will fight for your rights in court when necessary.

Our Proactive Approach

One way that we help our clients is by anticipating problems that may arise. Our decades of experience have given us the insight needed to prevent disputes from arising in the first place. This proactive approach goes a long way in guiding you smoothly toward the solutions you need.

Do you share children with a same-sex partner or spouse? We take pride in representing clients from the LGBTQ community who need assistance with family law matters.

Speak To An Attorney About Custody Solutions

At Ramatowski & Schwartz, we are here to provide the legal guidance that you need. Contact our office in North Brunswick to schedule your initial consultation with a lawyer. To reach us, call 732-837-2104 or send us an email.