Respected attorneys dedicated to helping couples resolve their differences peacefully for the benefit of everyone involved.
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New Jersey Family Law Attorneys With More Than 80 Years’ Combined Experience

The principals at Ramatowski & Schwartz are knowledgeable family law attorneys, each having litigated and otherwise worked with the New Jersey family court system for more than 20 years.

Our Objective, Common Sense Approach To Resolving Family Issues

Ramatowski & Schwartz strives to personalize the family law process and make divorce and other family legal dealings transition smoothly, with as little “collateral damage” as possible. We listen to your goals, circumstances and requirements and do not pass judgment. We pay keen attention to detail, explain the strategy and actions we recommend, and keep you informed on all case developments. We consider the best interests of you and any children involved, both for the near and long term, advising you how to best assert your rights while keeping lines of communication open and minimizing family emotional scarring and resentment.

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Resolve Your Family Issues So Everyone Can Get On With Their Lives

Family is one of the most important investments you can make, but life is too short to let family issues hold you and family members hostage. Contact Ramatowski & Schwartz at 732-837-2104 or contact us online for objective and effective counsel and representation today.